ATLE zone directors are planning an online event on information governance and digital student records to support collaboration on implementation of digital student records.

Topics will include:

  • Information management/governance 101
  • How digital student records implementation fits into overall strategy of information management and governance
  • Perspectives, challenges, and opportunities in implementing digital student records from a business and technology standpoint
  • Opportunities to collaborate on developing reference frameworks and implementation strategies

The main site for the event is the Zone 5 site - the office of Foundations for the Future Charter Academy in Calgary.  Due to interest from all zones, there will be at least one site in each zone where individuals can gather for online presentations and discussion with others present during the interactive portions of the workshop.  For individuals who cannot travel to a site, desktop access for presentations will be available but the opportunity for interaction during the breakout portions will be absent. 

ATLE Zone 5 Event - Information Governance and Digital Student Records

  • March 1, 2019
  • Foundations of the Future Academy
    110-7000 Railway Street SE
    Calgary, Alberta
    T2H 3A8